Geococcyx Velox part 4 – crash to QMC4.

Sunday 29-5-2016.  Onto trestles.  Took wheels off, bodywork off, photographed damage. Removed damaged clutch pedal.  Removed damaged throttle / brake pedal.  Removed R.F. suspension bolts at chassis.  Removed tow point.   After taking dimensions of the damaged area, I need to replace the lower front bulkhead crossmember and towing point, the right front bulkhead vertical member and suspension mounts, the lower front horizontal chassis tube in front of the second bulkhead.  The floor needs to be flattened out, and re-welded.  The clutch pedal needs to be straightened out.  The hinges for the mounting of the accelerator / brake pedal need to be straightened, a new mounting for the clutch pedal hinge fabricated, new “Lexan” panels for right hand side made, and the “Lexan” bonnet repaired.  The special artwork is damaged by brake fluid spilled from the vents on the master cylinders, but it has been rinsed off and can be repainted.  I will have to cut horizontally through the front vertical “Lexan” panel, and make a new panel to go inside and behind it. The side joints will need new splice plates.  I will manufacture complete new suspension A arms with slotted plates on inner and outer attachments.  I will make all new front uprights with heavier wall tubing.  Designed new A arm mounts and “Lexan” fix.

Sunday 5-6-2016.  Cut bent and broken members out of chassis, ground smooth.  Cut new 25 x 1.6 SHS members.  Straightened out floor to be fairly straight.  Tried to start it, battery too low in charge.  Charged battery, and tried again.  Would not start.

Thursday 9-6-2016.  Welded parts to individual members on bench.  Wedged extension bottom chassis member into cut off chassis member.  Tack welded parts, then fully welded members into chassis.  Tack welded new Nutsert into top hole.  Installed accelerator / brake pedal.

Friday 10- 6-2016.  Installed clutch pedal.  Made new mountings for front bonnet, and welded them to the existing mounts.  Spray painted all chassis members and welds.

Sunday 26-6-2016. Made new uprights with 3 mm wall SHS.

Tuesday 28-6-2016.  Made suspension arms jig, and painted it.

Sunday 3-7-2016.  Made all new suspension A arms, and painted them.

Tuesday 5-7-2016.  Got stub axles from Alltype, welded one into RF Disc & hub.  Welded brake calliper mount to upright.

Monday 18-7-2016.  To Cottage Plastics to get new front panel.  $20.  Installed it.

Friday 22-7-2016.  Noticed that the right inner CV joint was not connected to the axle.

Thursday 28-7-2016.  Took RH inner CV off, and balls fell out of it, followed by the cage in 5 pieces.  Took axle out and took CV off it.  Replaced it with a used CV joint. Found that central tie rod mounting plate was bending up under load, so redesigned it.

Friday 29-7-2016.  Made new central tie rod mounting bar, and painted it.  Found that mounting for rear suspension units was badly bent, so took it off and welded a stiffener to it.  Repainted it.

Saturday 30-7-2016.  Fitted rear suspension anchor point.  Fitted central rear tie rod mounting. Zip tied rubber padding around steering rack.

Sunday 31-7-2016.  Put battery on charge.  Topped up coolant, but found it leaking out into drip tray.  Top hose had pulled out of clamp at front of motor, so refitted it with new hose clamp.  Filled coolant. Refitted battery and it started.  Ran for 5 seconds, but oil pressure light did not go out, so investigated.  Oil level low, so started topping it up.  Oil now dribbling into drip tray, and found a pencil sized hole in bottom of oil pan at front. Second hand ones on ebay from UK, Holland and USA range from $60 to $360, but none in Australia. Workshop manual says it is easy to take off, so will do so and patch hole.

Monday 1-8-2016.  Took oil pan off with difficulty.  20 bolts + oil level sensor. Cleaned out oil pan, and pressure cleaned it.  Mixed 2 part epoxy and filled hole with it.  Allowed to dry for 2 hours, then refitted the oil pan.

Sunday 7-8-2016.  QMC4.  Willowbank Raceway.  Fine, warm, light winds.  Test 1 was Eccentric, and when completing the second loop, the right angle gearbox destroyed itself.  Took it home and removed gearbox.  Could not remove input shaft, so photographed gears in place.

IMG_7577 IMG_7578