Geococcyx 2020







Thursday 20-2-2020.  New helmet arrived, but it is a medium size.  Tight to wear, but did not give me a headache after 30 minutes of wearing.

Saturday 22-2-2020.  Charged batteries, and started car.  It ran fine for 30 seconds, then cut out.  It did not want to run properly, and sounded like starving for fuel.  I took off the fuel filter, and replaced it with a new one, but there was no change.  It sawed off the tube of the old fuel filter, and used it to put into the line – no filter at all – but there was no change.  So I replaced the new filter into the line.  It starts, but does not want to accept any throttle.

Tuesday 254-2-2020.  Motorcycle Mad advised to drain old fuel, replace with new fuel, and try again.  I made a drain hose, and connected it, ran fuel pump till tank empty.  Put 1 litre of new fuel in.  It started perfectly when cold, but as soon as it started to warm up would not accept throttle, stumbled, ran rough, and stalled again.

Tuesday 3-3-2020.  Picked up Geo from Motorcycle Mad.  They said that it was running perfectly yesterday.  My spare starter solenoid had been fitted, and the TPS adjusted.  I paid the bill of $165.00 and when they decided to help put the trailer on the back of the car, they started Geo, and it was exactly as it was when I took it to them.  They played around with throttle settings, unplugged individual fuel injector wires, plugged in the dashboard, unplugged the dashboard, and there was no change.  I noticed that they were using the ignition switch brutally, and it started to malfunction.  Then the battery started to run down.  They then said that the fuel cap was on too tightly, and the return line was aerating the fuel in the tank, and could be causing it to not run properly.  Then the speedo suddenly started to register, and they said that was caused by a loose earth somewhere.

In disgust I simply loaded it up and drove home.

Wednesday 4-3-2020.  Finished making fuel fitting, bought new 8 ID fuel line, and fitted it to inside of tank.  Reassembled tank and return line to outside, and put fuel into tank.  Started engine, and it ran just OK till it started to get warm, then it did not want to accept throttle. When it stalled it would not start again.  Found that the O2 sensor wire was close to the exhaust, so took it apart at the joiner, where there was a piece of SS spring wire jammed into it.  Removed it, and re-routed the cable.  Tested the engine, and it was unchanged.  Took the plug off the water temperature sensor, and it would not fire up.  Ordered a replacement water temperature sensor from Shepparton, with the cost of  $30 + postage.

Tuesday 10-3-2020.  Replacement water temperature sensor arrived.

Saturday 14-3-2020.  Finally built up enough courage to try out the replacement water temperature sensor.  Started car, and it ran perfectly while warming up, and continued to run perfectly when warm.  It picked up without stumbling on the opening if the throttle, and revved out well.  Turned it off, and after 5 minutes tried again.  It started first go, and ran perfectly.  Built an aluminium bracket to sit on the water manifold and hold the temperature sender above it.

Sunday 5-4-2020.  Charged battery, but it needed only 10 minutes.  Started it perfectly, revved cleanly, warmed up evenly, ran it for 3 minutes or so.

Sunday 3-5-2020.  Started engine, and it ran perfectly.  Charged battery.

Wednesday 29-7-2020.  Charged jump battery and car battery.  Started first kick.

Sunday 2-8-2020.  HSCCQ Khanacross / Motorkhana.  Willowbank Raceway.  Fine, warm.  10 psi fronts, 18 psi rears, 80 psi in reservoir. Did 4 runs at Cloverleaf, one run at Khanacross, and one run at Hopscotch.  Engine running really well, but still a bit ON/OFF in the throttle.  Cloverleaf test.

Run 1               21.97

Run 2               22.02

Run 3               21.56               Fastest Outright

Run 4               21.93


Khanacross                  80.26               4th fastest.


Hopscotch Test.

Run 1.              29.73

Run 2.              28.28               Fastest Outright



Tuesday 4-8-2020. Reinstalled original starter solenoid, sprayed all electricals to clean off coolant.  Painted blue triangle.  Zip tied hose clamps where they came apart.

Saturday 8-8-2020.  Built pull line warm up throttle.

Monday 10-8-2020.  Installed new coolant sender in manifold.

Wednesday 12-8-2020.  Got coolant drain pipe back from Bushell Engineering, and fitted it with M6 bolt and neoprene washer.  Added coolant and ran car without any leaks.


On Sunday 16-8-2020 I tried to replace the existing seat with the one out of Casper, but after lots of problems, reverted to the existing seat.

Thursday 17-9-2020.  Drove car at Willowbank, engine revs right out, no overheating, no fluid leaks.

Sunday 4-10-2020.  Interclub Khanacross, Willowbank.  In first run at first test the bolts stripped the threads of the right rear VW Golf ball joint, and the suspension collapsed.

Monday 26-10-2000.  New wheel bearings into trailer.

Sunday 15-11-2020.  QMC Willowbank.  Fine, very hot.  At start of third test, there was suddenly no power to the ignition.  I checked the battery terminals, main fuse, wires to main switch, and still nothing.  Connected up jumper battery, and still nothing.  Took insulation tape off main switch, and checked terminals, no change.  Jiggled wires at starter solenoid, and suddenly everything worked.  The TPS seems to be set incorrectly, because there is no progressive power – just an on-off switch with the power.  Very difficult to drive.  Reversing box was very slow to change back into forward.  RH Turning brake not working properly, and left hand one only intermittently.

I decided that the car needs a complete rebuild back to the bare chassis, so on Monday 23-11-2020, and started taking car apart.  Photographed details for re-assembly.

Tuesday 8-12-2020.  Cut the four intake pipes off, stole the air filters off Kwakakart, and screwed them onto the intakes of Geo.  Now I have room to reposition the fuel pump and filter, and have saved 0.7 kg of weight in the intakes.

Friday 11-12-2020.  Modified fuel pump mount, painted it, and fitted it.

Tuesday 15-12-2020.  Took little used tools out of toolbox, and weight went from 26 kg to 15 kg.  Painted box.

Sunday 27-12-2020.  Removed R/V mirror, and made wooden tapped blocks to experiment with curving the mirror.  It does so quite well, so drew modified mirror to be larger and adjustable in its curvature.  Designed new coolant pressure equalising pipe.

Monday 28-12-2020.  Shifted bare chassis to driveway, and water blasted it.  Back onto trestles, and rolled it over to weld skid blocks on.  Touched up welds and grinding.  Welded on two earth blocks.IMG_2009

Tuesday 29-12-2020.  Picked up paint, wire brushed exhausts and repainted them.  Sprayed number panels & dashboard.  Found some ¼” dia brass rod for coolant equaliser pipe.

Wednesday 30-12-2020.  Cut out 12 thick ralloy mirror mounts.

Thursday 31-12-2020.  Made jig and drilled & tapped holes in R/V mirror mounts.